We Teach Kids

Our children’s MMA & BJJ program is designed for longevity. We designed it so your child has fun while learning the greatest martial arts system on the planet. Our approach is simple, yet quite unique, which is the perfect balance of fun, exercise, discipline, and expert technique. Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing while having fun doing it.

Children today also face an unprecedented amount of bullying, mostly from taunting over athletic ability, weight, and self-confidence. We will improve your child in each of these areas, as well as teach them how to defend themselves should a physical altercation become unavoidable.



Instructor - Ricardo 

Thank you for your interest in the Mighty Animals program. My name is Ricardo and I am the head instructor for this program. Martial arts is more than just a hobby; it truly is a way of life. I began my martial arts journey with Samer Marji about 5 years ago. Upon starting, I would have never believed that martial arts would become my life. Roughly 4 years ago I began helping out with the kid's program. At the time, I was attending Mercy College and had a ton of free time throughout the day. I would train both in the mornings and evenings and juggle both my training and studies. One day after a morning training session my coach asked what I was doing at 4 pm. I was off that day, so I told him I was free. His next question was "can you help out with the kids class at 4?" and I remember responding with a reluctant 'sure'. I came to the class not knowing what to expect. I went on that day, helped out, and it was something that I instantly enjoyed doing. From that day on, I realized that teaching children martial arts is a passion of mine. Over the years, I have seen first hand the benefits of incorporating martial arts into children's lives. I have seen children come into the gym and completely change who they are for the better. Kids that were originally shy and timid became the most outgoing, affable kids on the mat. Kids that came in with zero confidence became competitive machines believing in themselves and becoming champions. The positive changes in these children's lives were truly remarkable and they make all of my time worth it. With every child enrolled in our program, I go out of my way to make it more than just martial arts. I take absolute pride in grooming these children into fine martial artists and champions both on and off the mats.

Our Kids Mixed Martial Arts program is set in several stages to help with the growth of your child as a martial artist as well as a productive member of society.
We will teach them:
Goal Setting
Respect for their body
Respect for their teachers, instructors, parents and fellow teammates